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Qiado can offer your company a particular skill set to interpret, manage and control IFRS-16 and ASC-842 processes with the Nakisa tool. We have:

  • Extensive functional and technical knowledge;
  • A strong accounting team;
  • Implementation projects in more than 8 countries in Europe with a multi-language speaking team.

Our mission is to deliver high quality consulting and accounting services specific for lease accounting integrated to any ERP.

Qiado offers innovative and creative lease accounting solutions. We present to the markets forward-thinking ideas and deliver excellence.

Our Team

Felipe Nogueira is an expert on implementation for IFRS in ERP Solutions and an experienced trainer in Europe. He has led a number of IFRS16 implementation projects for various companies all over Europe.

Felipe Nogueira
Managing Partner, Qiado GmbH

Andreas is a Professor of Business Information Systems. He has been working on IFRS16 projects for major international customers since 2016. Andreas has an extensive record on ERP Implementations and BI Solutions across Europe.

Dr. Andreas Krueger
Managing Partner, Qiado GmbH

João Marques is a Subject Matter Expert of IFRS 16. He has played a central role in various IFRS 16 implementation projects of major companies on the airline, oil & gas and chemical industries in different European countries.

João Pedro Marques
Manager, Qiado GmbH

Lara Duarte is a functional consultant for IFRS 16 in lease administration solutions. She supports implementation partners on the road to a successful Go-live project. She has a strong background in accounting from years of experience on the Big 4 firms.

Lara Duarte
Manager, Qiado GmbH

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